Rule of Thailand Go League 16 Dan

Rules and Regulations of Thailand GO League 16 Dan 2014


These rules and regulations are translated from rules and regulations in Thai Language.  The objectives of these rules are all applied to Thai players.   The objectives to translate here is to let foreign players how Thai teams operate and know how to match with Thai teams.  These rules shall be also applied to foreign teams but there might have some more rules in the near future, especially about internet competition, in order to make the League run smoothly and fair.


Set up Team

-          In a team, there shall be 5 players, no limit of male or female to join, total of all players in team is not more than 16 Dan.

-          Players must be Dan level only.

-          No lowest limit of Dan in Team, such as, sum up strength of 5 players is 5 Dan, we also accept

-          4 Dan above (Include 4 Dan), can be in a team, not more than 2.

-          Teams from Bangkok Metropolitan Region, shall only join in a team.  Regional players shall join in another team.  That means when we have a match, all players in one team altogether shall match at competition place by playing on Go board or altogether shall play through internet at competition place or altogether shall play through internet at players’ place.  No mix of difference location players in a team.

-          Every team must have team manager.  For details, see below.

-          Any teams must reach above all conditions, if not, not able to apply in.



-          Can apply in team or apply in individual.

-          For anyone who cannot form into a team, they can fill in form in to be a source to form team.  By the way, not guarantee to join successfully.  The more players apply by this way, the more successful chance to form team.

-          If more than 20 teams in Thailand apply, it is up to referees to select by considering members in team, which includes historical data, in order to make the League to be high level.


Team Manager

-          Can be player in team

-          25 years old before closing application of team

-          Must have 1 kyu level in Go


Each Round

-          From 5 players, just select 4 players to play in each round by select to sit in table 1 to table 4

-          Players can sit in any tables in any rounds, that means name list can be changeable in each round

-          Bangkok Players team shall submit name list of that round 15 minutes before start each round.  For regional players team shall submit name list through before midnight to the day of competition.  If not submit within time, players of that team will sit in table that is the same with when apply.

-          Players who came late more than 15 minutes shall be decided to lose by looking to the competition clock.  So, Players must start the clock immediately when referee ask to.  And the players must inform referee about the “lose by time” result within 20 minutes by main room competition clock.  If not, both players are decided to lose.

-          3 Kos happened in game, both players shall get 0.5 game win.

-          By face to face competition, the first table players will decide the rest.  That means after guessing even/odd for the first table, the second table players shall play in difference color, also with the third and the fourth table players that is difference to the table before.  For the internet competition, all are random.

-          For any games that the result on the board is very clear, for example, a big group is dead or territories is not enough, and there is no chance to differ that.   If the player that shall be lose try to play in order to win by time.  The other player can ask referee to come to stop and decide the game immediately.


Condition of each team

-          From the last League, we have 26 teams in tournament.  So, we shall recalculate below figure if number of teams change.

-          In each team, players must play at least 4 games (Calculated from 1/3 of all games)

-          In each team, number of accumulated games that is not played to reach 4 games of each player in team shall be deduct from main point of League.


Result of each round

-          All teams shall be grouped into 2 groups, so each group shall have 12-13 teams depend on foreigner teams.  The way to separate team into group shall be done by drawing every team in press conference.  Foreigner teams shall be set up in first.

-          Count the result of 4 tables in a round, the team win shall get 2 main points.

-          Count the result of 4 tables in a round, the team lose shall get 0 main points.

-          Count the result of 4 tables in a round, the team got even result, get 1 main point.  That mean the other team shall get 1 main point too.


Final Round

-          From each group, after the last round, 2 leading teams shall be pulled out into final round

-          The way to decide the team who lead, decided by (Most important to less)

  1. Main point
  2. Number of games win
  3. The result between conflict teams
  4. The result of first table between 2 conflict teams

-          After we get 4 teams, these 4 teams shall compete with one another for more 3 rounds

-          In this final round, 5 players in team shall complete.  Anyone can sit in any tables. Name list shall be submitted before each game start.

-          In this Final round, which team lead, decided by (Most important to less)

  1. Main Point
  2. Name of games win
  3. The result between conflict teams
  4. The result of first table between 2 conflict teams


Competition Prize (considered by team)

-          The first rank to the third rank

-          Top Thai Team

-          The amount of prize shall be listed from the highest to lowest by

  1. The first rank
  2. Top Thai Team
  3. The second rank
  4. The third rank

-          Amount of prize shall be announced again but it should not be lowered than last year


Competition Prize (considered by personal) (Not applicable to foreigner teams)

-          Each team can get only one prize in this category.

-          Number of games win or loss also count the game in final round

-          MVP (Most Value Player) is for the player who is the best by considering (Most important to less)

  1. Number of games win by the player
  2. Number of games loss by the player
  3. Main point of team
  4. Number of games win by team
  5. If still not able to decide, these players shall be in the same team.  So, consider total Dan the player win compared to the other

-          BWW (Best Woman Warrior) consider

  1. Numbers of game the woman beat men
  2. Numbers of game win in League
  3. Numbers of game loss


Best Team Manager Prize

-          Referee shall select 3-4 team managers from all team by considering (not arrange from importance)

  1. What level to cooperate with referee
  2. Name list that send on time
  3. Understanding in  rule and regulation
  4. Team did not come late
  5. Players play in every game
  6. Result of competition
  7. How cooperate with sponsor is handle
  8. Etc.

-          After getting 3-4 names of team managers, there shall be voted by other team managers.  In case of undecided, referee has 1 right to vote.  Referee will vote at the same time with other team managers but count only when not decidable.


Date and time of League

                Number of Rounds shall be adjusted if numbers of teams are changed.  Each game allow each player 1.30 hour.  So, it take approximately 3 hours per round.  The time to start compete in each day is 9.00 AM (Bangkok Time), except from the first day that has opening ceremony.

-          8 Feb 2014, Opening ceremony and compete 2 rounds

-          1 Mar 2014, compete 3 rounds

-          8 Mar 2014, compete 3 rounds

-          29 Mar 2014, compete 3 rounds

-          5 Apr 2014, complete 2 rounds

-          Final round shall be held on 25-26 Apr 2014 and closing ceremony in 26 Apr 2014